Smiile Dental Center

The construction of our high technology dental clinic in Centropolis started in october 2013. We had chosen the ideal location in the most popular urban center of Laval, in proximity to all the restaurants and services you all know so well. Our dream project was born and came to completion in january 2014.

With her 14 operating rooms all individually equipped with digital X-rays, she is staying up to date with many of the new dental technologies. Intra-oral cameras in each room to show you the treatments, diagnodent for a precise diagnostic, velscope being the newest technology for detection of oral cancer, laser gum treatments, laser bleaching, invisalign, alloderm graft, porcelain veneers with minimal reduction, crowns on implants, etc. You will be able to watch TV while in treatment or see your X-Rays instantly on the TV screen.

As soon as you arrive in our vast parking lot and following your arrival in our reception area, you will be greated by many smiles to get you to truly live our Dental VIP Experience. We will please everyone’s taste: coffee or tea, water bottle or juice? Stay up to date with your morning newspaper, surf the web on one of our IPADS or perhaps play a game on our IPADS? You may also prefer to stay up to date with the current news on one of our TVS. Then, your visit will continue in one of our 14 modern rooms with vue on the centropolis. Let’s not forget to notice our state of the art sterilisation area which meets the most severe sterilisation norms. In all this relaxing setting, it would be a shame to fall asleep, which happens to some patients once in a while!