Our philosophy

Our mission at Centre Dentaire Smiile, is to provide top quality dental care in a modern, calm and relaxed environment. Our team is distinguished not only by our soft approach, but also by our friendliness to ensure an enjoyable and unique VIP dental experience.

We offer general and cosmetic dental services: exam and scaling, restorations, veneers, crowns, bridges, root canals, extractions (including wisdom teeth), gum care with laser and grafts, teeth whitening with laser, partial dentures, children`s dentistry and Invisalign.

Our approach is to consider dental health as part of the overall health of our patients. For this purpose, we have added VELSCOPE, an apparatus to detect oral cancers.

We always try to help prevent dental disease rather than treatment, which allows us to reduce the number of emergencies and associated pain.

Pediatric treatments

Our center provides services to both children and adults. We recommend the first visit be between the ages of 2 and 3 years, and may be done before in cases of emergencies. This first visit will be accompanied by a parent or an older sibling. Thereafter, recall examinations are suggested every 6 months, this frequency is important to verify the formation of future teeth.

We want your children to enjoy visiting the dentist, now and in future years to come. We have adopted certain measures to achieve this goal. It is strongly suggested to avoid setting appointments for children under 8 years of age after 6pm. It has come to our attention that children, at this time of the day, are usually tired. In addition, for curative tratments we kindly ask that parents do not accompany their children in the treatment room; this encourages the cooperation of the child and will allow us to have his/her full attention throughout the treatment.